Vanessa Eriksson.

Vanessa Eriksson is an experienced Chief Data Officer, passionate leader and advisor, keynote speaker, board member, and entrepreneur with deep knowledge and experience in AI & Data management and governance.


Q2 – 2023




The scope

We ally with forward thinkers who aim high & appreciate the significance of top-tier design. Together we sharp a resilient digital presence.

New WordPress Environment

Design | UI/ UX

Brand Identity


Google Analytics inst.

Google Search Console inst.

Hosting/ Deployment admin

The result

Curious how it turned out? Behold!

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"I first encountered Tone's talent during the development of the Girls in Tech Nordics website, and I was amazed by her unwavering dedication to excellence. Her ability to transform concepts into captivating digital experiences left an unforgettable mark on me. I knew instantly that I had to extend an invitation for her to work her magic on my own company's website. And she has not let me down! Tone possesses an extraordinary ability to turn visions into digital masterpieces, making her the best choice for bringing my own online vision to life. I highly recommend her to anyone in search of a web designer whose talents exceed the ordinary! Tone is exceptional!"

Vanessa Eriksson